Stocking the best quality and fresh good food is extremely important to maintain a happy and healthy crew.  At GSCG, we  always make sure to supply the absolute highest quality and freshest foods available. With many years of experience in the field of Chandelling provisions, we understand the different culinary and can cater for a diverse crew of different tastes and dietary requirements.  During festivities or public holidays like Christmas and Easter we can offer specialised provisions to suit the occasion.

Just some of the provisions we can supply:

  • Fresh Vegetables

  •  Fresh Fruits

  •  Dry Provisions

  •  Frozen Meat

  •  Poultry Products

  •  Diaries

  •  Confectionery

  •  Bottled Drinking Water

  •  Fruit juices

  •  Sodas

      In fact we do supply from A to Z….